Hands-On Adjustments

This approach to treatment is the most well known chiropractic approach. Dr. Lauren Gomes will utilize Palmer Diversified, Thompson, Flexion and Distraction as well as Gonstead techniques for your treatment. If a specific treatment is preferred please inform Dr. Gomes and she will try to accommodate to everyone’s needs.

Massage Therapy

Our licensed Massage therapist will provide a massage that is tailored to your needs. You can choose from deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point therapy, prenatal treatment, range of motion therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and more. We offer 30, 60, or 90 minute massage sessions.

Traction Therapy

Intersegmental traction is an additional service that is provided either before or after an adjustment to help loosen up joints and relieve tension and pressure in the back, hips and spine. These tables help stimulate blood flow and disc fluid to minimize the wear and tear process of the spine.

Soft Tissue Therapy

If soft tissue treatment is needed for your specific condition we offer a few options. The most popular option is utilizing our Vibracussor tool to help loosen up trigger points. Dr. Gomes is also certified in Graston technique, a specific soft tissue technique that can be used in any areas of concern. These tools will massage the area and gradually loosen the trigger points and help relieve pain.


An essential part of your treatment involves rehabilitation during the healing phase as well as the wellness phase of care. Dr. Gomes may provide you with essential in office or at home exercises to aid in your treatment plan. The rehabilitation plan may consist of corrective exercises for pain relief as well as proper posture training to aid in the overall health of your body.

Gentle Tool Adjustments

If the traditional hands on approach does not fit your needs Dr. Gomes can utilize adjusting tools that will effectively perform the adjustment. The adjusting tools provide specific adjustments without the popping and cracking that may be heard with a hands on approach.